When to Call a DUI Defense Lawyer

When to Call a DUI Defense Lawyer

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DUI is considered a crime in Colorado and has severe consequences. That’s why it is crucial for a driver who is facing a DUI charge to find an experienced DUI attorney to help them start building their DUI defense.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious crime in Colorado. If you have been charged with drunk driving or DUI, you should seek legal representation immediately from a qualified Denver DUI attorney. DUI is a serious offense, with severe consequences. In addition to losing your driver’s license, you could be fined substantial fees and even be placed in jail. You could face higher car insurance rates and also end up with a criminal conviction on your record that could affect your employment opportunities in the future.

By working with a DUI attorney, you get to enhance your chances of getting a positive outcome from your case. The question then becomes, when should you call a DUI defense lawyer?

When the office asks more revealing questions

You will need to let the officer know that you want legal representation – often, they won’t inform you that you it’s within your rights to get a lawyer; instead, they will try to get as much information from you as possible. So, as soon as they move to more revealing questions – that’s after your personal information like name, age, date of birth – you should request to call your lawyer.

When the officer asks you things like, “How much did you drink?” or “When was the last time you had something to eat?” and so on, you should turn down the questions, politely, and request to call an attorney.

When you are arrested

If the officer did not follow the right legal processes while arresting you or if they didn’t have a legal jurisdiction to pull you over and arrest you, then any evidence surrounding your arrest may be declared invalid. Top defense attorneys know how to assess arrest testimony and reports and find ways to get the evidence thrown.

If it’s second offense

If you are aware that your blood alcohol level exceeds the limit and the chances of conviction are high, you may leave your fate to the court. However, if it’s a second (third or fourth) offense, you might want to call an attorney. And if your goal is to try to maintain your driving privileges or to avoid a charge, then an experienced lawyer, who knows which strings to pull to help you out of that situation is most definitely your best shot.

When there was an accident

DUI cases become complicated when an accident happens. A lot of things can occur following an accident; people might get hurt, valuable might be damaged, and so on. Calling a lawyer immediately after an accident is imperative; as they will help you establish what the next course of action is. They will also help with the legal advice and represent you in the court of law if the case ends up before the judge.

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