Steps for Forming a Company in Switzerland

Steps for Forming a Company in Switzerland

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Company owners are always considering the best ways for company growth, especially when it comes to overseas development and sales. However, the biggest dilemma is deciding where to form the company and which countries offer the best opportunity. Many business owners are turning to Switzerland as a wealthier country outside of the EU because it has a lower corporate tax structure.

Switzerland, with a population of 8.4 million, has been financially first class for a while and is known internationally for quality in services and products. Swiss tax, with the highest percentage rate being 14.6%, is extremely favourable for corporate entities. There are many types of companies that business owners from within Switzerland, and many work through the help of a consulting company who can assist with formation and administration.

Five Benefits of Switzerland

Although the process is sometimes confusing and may take some time, the end result of company formation in Switzerland is very rewarding for the company. Although a strong economy and excellent taxation structure are excellent reasons, there are a few more that business owners should consider.

  • Switzerland has an exceptionally well-designed infrastructure that is supportive of both new companies, as well as well-established companies
  • The Swiss government encourages a pro-business environment, which makes the population and surrounding businesses very supportive and growth-oriented
  • Swiss people are highly educated and trained in many job aspects with degrees and experience with great Swiss companies. They will be ready to present solutions and ideas for company growth within and outside of Switzerland
  • In addition to their great tax structure, Switzerland has double-taxation treaties with multiple countries so that business owners do not need to pay more than they fairly need to in taxes
  • Switzerland offers an unmatched banking system and great monetary security, so business owners can rest assured that their company wealth is in great hands

Specialists in Swiss Company Formation

Although there are multiple fees associated with incorporation and formation in Switzerland, business owners will enjoy the many benefits of now operating as a Swiss company. The process of formation is challenging and has many details that are better handled by an expert. It is usually wise for companies to employ an agency that specialises in Swiss company formation because the process is much more likely to be successful without having to re-execute any incorrect steps. With the help of a reputable company, the entire process should take a few weeks, and business owners will be able to continue performing normal duties while the company formation experts finish and submit paperwork and additional steps. Make sure you do plenty of research and perform a phone interview with each prospective company formation specialist to get quotes for additional comparison. Additionally, the newly incorporated company will often continue to receive help until they are completely established.

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